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Pastor Biography


Pastor Barbara King was born April 16,1961 in Phoenix,Arizona to the late Rev. Homer Gipson and Late Mother Margaret Gipson. Pastor King is the eighth child of nine children. Pastor King has five beautiful children who are all grown and on their own. 

Pastor King accepted her calling in the ministry in 2002 and in that same year God called her to be a prophetess. In 2004 the Lord removed Prophetess King from Morning Star Baptist Church to Greater Hope Deliverance Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor Naomi Stewart to get prepare for the high calling God has predestinate for her life. Pastor Stewart prophesied to Prophetess King that she was going to be a Pastor of a church, Prophetess King laughed in disbelief saying in the inside "how could this be? where God is sending me to they don't believe in women pastors." Morning Star Baptist Church was in existence for forty-seven years, the church setting was very traditional to where women were prohibited to preach in the pulpit.

June 30, 2006 tradition was broken! God called Prophetess King into Leadership, she was ordained as the First Woman Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church. Pastor King started out with fifteen members in her congregation. Two years later God changed the church name from Morning Star Baptist Church to Morning Star Sanctified Church. Pastor King has been very obedient and faithful to God since she has been called into the ministry. Through Pastor King obedience God has blessed her congregation to grow from fifteen members to over two hundred members. Many people lives has been impacted, changed and saved through the minsitry God has given to Pastor King.